Aging Crisis Part 2

My position on facelifts has really evolved since I wrote my last blog ‘should I have a facelift? It really caused some bees to buzz. Many reactions.  So many women face my dilemma. One person said I was selfish and should give my money for people who have had acid attacks. While this was quite extreme, I appreciated the woman’s honesty. It was a very different perspective and helped me burst out of a very self constricting world view and get a bigger picture of the dilemma. I had been quite depressed, not wanting to let go of my youthful self.  I wanted a young face a few years longer. There is an army of cosmetic surgeons, their scalpels and modern technology a-ready, waiting eagerly on the sidelines Many women wrote to me privately and said that was exactly the dilemma, where they were in.

The best comment I received was from an Instagram woman @badassbabyboomer who said ‘Nooo! Wear your life with pride sweetie.’

So, I have survived another aging crisis and have decided to do what Badass says and wear my life with pride. Here I am. All 71 years and 4 months of me! 

I am very grateful for the famous older women who have not had a facelift. I love them eg Helen Mirren, Judy Dench and Maye Musk. I was saddened to hear that my heroine Susan Sarandon has done so. While it is politically correct to say that all women must have a choice and do what makes them happy, I love the women who don’t have a facelift. It gives me freedom to just be the way I am., to wear my age with pride. There are so many women on Instagram who let their wrinkles be – eg @wrinkles are my stripes. As Isabella Rosselini (65 and still no work done) says, ‘with wrinkles you have to assume them’.

I am proud of my hair. It has still not gone grey. I am proud of my youthful girlish energy and I’m proud of my smiley wrinkles. What!  Did I actually say I am proud of my wrinkles!!! Jesus.  I must admit I like the wrinkles in this photo- especially under a veil. But it is self-love work, in progress.

One of the things I discovered on the cruise last December- was that I should stop hiding my back and shoulders. I had stopped when I was 60, thinking I was sagging. I saw this older woman at the bar in a dress with a low back. She looked fabulous. So, I bought myself a top

with a low back. I love it.  And I am showing off my shoulders.

Musk doesn’t shy away from being photographed backless next to a much younger model.

This is fearless aging. This photo shows a 70-year old’s back which it is carrying Maye Musk proudly.  Badass’s ‘Wear your age with pride sweetie’ has become my mantra. She posts photos of herself as an aging woman and I love them.




I was wary of Instagram first – it felt shallow but now I welcome the army of older women revelling in their age. I need photos of older women- I believe society needs these photos too, to counteract the fear of aging. Many of these older women are models and have personal photographers who can see the beauty in older women. As Maye Musk says ‘I don’t want to be any younger- there is too much competition.’ She is so right. Follow me on @sizzling70s (instagram) @sizzle70s (Twitter) and like my FB page Sizzling into my 70s

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